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Statuario Extra

Statuario Extra perfectly reproduces the lustrous beauty of the timeless statuario marble, which is characterized by its pure white background with gray veining. This elegant porcelain tile series compliments various design styles enhancing every room with its unique appearance. Statuario Extra features one color in a 12"x24", 24"x24", 24"x48" and 4"x12" format with available trims in both matte and polished finishes.

​Great for floors and Walls.


Waterfall realistically and physically represents slate, an ancient and natural stone. Recreating, on the stoneware surface the iridescence typical of sedimentary rocks, Waterfall has texture, irregularities, and variations in color, typical expressions of the passage of time. Waterfall is available in 4 colors Ivory Flow, Silver Flow, Grey Flow, and Dark Flow in 12"x24", and 24"x48" with available accessories.

​Great for floors and Walls.

Metal Max

Metal Max is the newest addition to our basalt inspired porcelain tiles. Metal Max offers an elegant and clean cut look. It will add a one of a kind sophistication to any space indoor or outdoor. Metal Max comes in a matte finish and also features an R11 anti-slip finish ideal for commercial applications.

Porcelain Tiles available In 24x48. 

​Great for floors and Walls.

Coastline Series

Porcelain Tiles available In 24x48 in both finishes Polished and Matte

​Great for floors and Walls.


Atlas realistically and physically represents the look of sandstone. Sandstone is a sedimentary rock formed by the cementing of grains of sand, over time forming bands that are composed of different minerals. Atlas is available in 12x24 and 18x36.

Edge Series

Porcelain Tiles available In 24x48 with a Semi Polished Finish and the Natural Look of Concrete.

​Great for floors and Walls.


​ Concrete in motion is the motif behind this vividly intricate series that marries the visually powerful effect of cured concrete and the rhythmical nuances created by troweling. Offered in two unique colors and produced with the latest HD Ink Jet technology, Motion is sure to create the perfect effect on your next project. Motion series is available in Snow Trowel and Sea Trowel available in 24"x48" with a Matte finish.

​Great for floors and Walls.


.Modern travertine refined with astonishing movement of vein cut quarried stone and captivated color enhancement thru inkjet technology in durable, commercial rated porcelain. The Nova collection is offered in four beautiful popular tones, in both matte and polished. Two sizes available, 12”x24” and 24”x48”, with bullnose and decorative pieces available.

​Great for floors and Walls.

Essence Series

Porcelain Tiles available In 24x48 with a Matte and Polished Finishes and the Natural Look of Sedimentary Sandstone.

​Great for floors and Walls.

Large Format Tiles

Concrete Series

Porcelain Tiles available In 24x48 in both finishes Semi Polished and Matte

​Great for floors and Walls.


​Basaltina 2.0 embodies the modern sophistication found in natural basalt stoneware. This highly-detailed porcelain series comes packed with visually striking characteristics like accurately depicted graining and pleasing earthy tones that help create a strong look . Let your next project sparkle with Basaltina 2.0 

Porcelain Tiles Available in 24x24 and 24x48

​Great for floors and Walls.

Creative Concrete

Interpretation of the various methods of working concrete and contemporary effects give this design for bringing rooms to life with a thousand variations combining creativity, memories, contemporary references and craftsmanship.

Lifestone Series

Porcelain Tiles available In 24x48. Lifestone reproduces the natural beauty of classic marble while maintaining the long-lasting and durable characteristics of porcelain tiles. Its light veining and rich tonal gradation add a contemporary flair to any design space.

​Great for floors and Walls.